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Sat, Feb 04  |  San Francisco

A dream in their mind is our mission​

With Custom Visits, Compassion will coordinate the logistics of your visit day and provide a trained Compassion host to facilitate your time with your sponsored child. Sponsors are responsible for arranging all international travel details outside of the visit day.

If you are not comfortable traveling on your own, we encourage you to consider joining one of Compassion’s Sponsor Trips instead. When you are ready to arrange a visit, please submit a Visit Request Form. Meeting your sponsored child in person is guaranteed to be a lasting memory, and we are excited to come alongside you on this wonderful journey!

An Individual Custom Visit is when one sponsor visits one or more children they sponsor. The sponsor may bring other family or friends as guests on their visit. A Group Visit is when two or more sponsors are visiting two or more children who they sponsor separately. If you have a group visit, please fill out the form on this page.


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